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Why We Do This

Our founder first traveled abroad in the late 70's and it changed her life!  She knows that she hasn't traveled to nearly as many places as others, yet travel is a passion for her. People often ask each other, "what would you do if you won the lottery or landed some other windfall?", and her response is always and without hesitation - travel! -  to every continent, and with time to explore and enjoy!  

She wholeheartedly embraces Mark Twain's statement that, "nothing so liberalizes a man and expands the kindly instincts that nature put in him as travel and contact with many kinds of people."  To that end, she and Exceptional Escapades(c) enjoy encouraging others to travel, coordinating groups, and accompanying those who travel.  Internationally or domestically, grab that luggage, and let's go!! 

How We Got Started

We, at Exceptional Escapades(c) enjoy travel and venturing into venues and forums where one examines and enjoys diverse cultures, people, geography, etc.  Our founder enjoys art, history, and culture, and studied art history in Italy, as an undergraduate student.  During more recent years, she coordinated, and directed study abroad programs and then directed an office of Global Programs in higher education.  These experiences set the stage for Exceptional Escapades(c), a group travel coordination and planning effort.   

Possible Destinations?

An easier question to ask might be, where wouldn't we go?!!! Truly, Exceptional Escapades(c) is prepared to coordinate domestic and international group travel. From student tours, adult tours, and organization tours involving national sites, amusement parks, and Broadway shows, to destination weddings, cruises and African safaris, the sky's the limit!  Click on our Tentative Destinations page and Email us if you're interested in any of these trips.  If choices of dates are listed, please indicate all the dates possible for you, since the date which is selected by the majority of travelers, wins!  Of course, Exceptional Escapades(c) is also prepared to coordinate group travel to other venues of your choice! Email us!

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